Sharon Gerl Sets 10K Course Record!

46:46, 7:32 min/mile

Sharon Gerl 2013 Butte-to-Butte 10K record with Chi Running

At the 40th Butte to Butte race I won my age group, was first in the Senior Division, and set an age group course record. My younger running companions always ask what my secret is. I tell them it is ChiRunning.

Four years ago I had knee surgery that went awry. I thought my running days were over. Then I discovered ChiRunning.

ChiRunning has allowed me to get back to running, and I am running better than pre-injury. My race times are the same or better than five years ago. I have had no down time from injuries. At my age, 65, that is pleasantly surprising.


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ChiRunning has made a big difference in my running.
ChiRunning has made a big difference in my running. It is much easier on my legs and I can now go longer distances. It has also provided relief to my lower back formerly caused by long runs.

Thanks and I hope to get a refresher sometime.
Jason Adams, Bend, Oregon
I was able to immediately run a faster overall time with very little stress to my injured lower leg.
Thank you again for the seminar on ChiRunning. I put these techniques to use right away and I was able to immediately run a faster overall time with very little stress to my lower leg which has been injured to the point of having cortisone injections and rehab.

My calves no loner feel overly pumped up and my rotating pelvis makes me feel relaxed and fluid. My normal pace has been11 minutes a mile; now it’s around 9:30 so I have to get used to my new, comfortable pace using the ChiRunning approach.

Oh yes, I also have been doing my ankle looseners in the grocery store line—I may look peculiar but it really keeps my ankle joints loose and ready to run.
Lori Grannis, 46, Missoula, Montana
I have Fibromylgia, Hereditary Angio Endema and chronic pain in my pelvis and legs and could barely get around. Keith’s ChiWalking class was fantastic and very helpful for me! I even went on to walk the Eugene Half Marathon and have begun to learn ChiRunning.
I have Fibromylgia, Hereditary Angio Edema, and chronic pain in my pelvis and legs. Because of these conditions my activity levels have decreased drastically over the past 10 years. I never really was a walker because when I walked it was painful.

Last year I decided I had to do something as I was only 34 and life was becoming increasingly more and more difficult. Just going to the grocery store was becoming unbearable, and I felt like my family was suffering from my inactivity. It is extremely difficult to exercise with Fibromyalgia, so I started with 5 minutes a day.

As I began walking, I started doing some research on the Internet and came across ChiRunning. I was able to get a copy from my library and read it from cover to cover in 2 days. I knew it was a little over my head, so I bought the ChiWalking book and video. This helped me tremendously improve my technique, but I knew I was missing something.

I found out about Keith’s class from my physical therapist, and thought I needed to attend. I was very worried about being able to keep up though as I literally could barely walk for ten minutes without pain

Keith’s ChiWalkings class was fantastic. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise and his presentation was clear and immediately actionable. He was sensitive to my needs which helped me feel confident about my ability and explained to me what I needed to work on which in turn gave me the confidence to continue learning ChiWalking.

 In addition, his style was open and inviting to questions (and expressed appreciation for them) and willingly gave his time to responding to questions thoroughly.

After attending Keith’s class, I went on to train and complete the Eugene Half Marathon. I was still experiencing some pain, but I was able to complete it with a smile on my face in 3 hours and 41 minutes.

I have now begun ChiRunning, and have taken his class on that as well. It was painful at first, but once again learning the ChiRunning techniques have helped me to learn how to run without pain. My goal is to complete a 5K by my 37th birthday(October), continuing with Walk/Running the Eugene Half Marathon next year. And a triathlon by 40!

Keith is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic, and I know my life has changed since beginning ChiWalking/Running.
Michele Riggs, 35, Eugene, Oregon Michele Riggs
In spite of an IT Band injury two weeks before the Boston Marathon, Keith’s ChiRunning coaching allowed me not only to complete the race, but to enjoy every step and achieve a very respectable time!
Two weeks before the Boston Marathon I was sidelined with an IT Band injury, and desperate for anything that would enable me to run the race. I had heard of ChiRunning, but never tried it. I called Keith, and through his guidance and instruction I was able not only complete the race, but enjoy every step and have a very respectable time!

His instruction was so helpful that I later arranged for him to do a workshop for my running partners, so they too could also learn this useful method.
Judith Bender, Eugene, Oregon
ChiWalking has transformed our participation in marathons and your direct coaching made all the difference.
ChiWalking has transformed our participation in marathons as we have achieved PR’s in every event including a 12:22 minutes per mile pace in the recent Eugene Half Marathon.

We had studied the text and DVD but your direct feedback, pointers, videoing us and overall support and inspiration—a true coach—made the difference.

We highly recommend you to others.
Jim & Sue Mehrwein, 62, Eugene, Oregon Jim & Sue Mehrwein Finishing the Portland Marathon
I have not had any knee pain since I started doing ChiRunning; -- last year, I could not run at all.
I have not had any knee pain since I started doing ChiRunning which is good since I had a knee microfractor last year, and couldn't run at all.
Jennifer Lewis, Bend Oregon
ChiRunning has ABSOLUTELY made a difference!
ChiRunning has ABSOLUTELY made a difference. I focus on a couple of form focuses at a time, e.g., engaging core, leaning from ankles, arm swing, etc. and am aware of more ease and fluidity. Running laterally up steep hills is amazing as I conserve energy for later instead of reaching the top totally pooped out.
Caryn Youngholm, Missoula, Montana
ChiRunning is my ticket for running late into life.
I'm in a marathon training group and recently did our 20 miler including 11 miles uphill - no soreness the next day! I used to get feeling of "wooden" legs - no more. ChiRunning is my ticket for running late into life.

So, thanks very much - your class has made running into "relaxation and a controlled release of energy".
John Koenig, 58, Missoula, Montana
I’m doing triathlons and have found my runs easier with no leg pain and overall recovery much faster.
I’m doing triathlons and have found my runs easier with no leg pain and overall recovery much faster (I did well in a half Ironman in BC lastweekend).

With Chi-Running, I’m now aiming for a full Ironman.
John Croft, Missoula, Montana
After learning ChiWalking, walking became fun and I just flew, whether it was 3 miles or 26.2 miles.
I began training in Jan. 2009 so as to improve my half marathon time in the Eugene Half Marathon and do so free of injury (I felt terrible after the 2008 experience).

After learning ChiWalking, I decided to do the full marathon and did great! All the pieces came together and I just flew.

I love it as it makes walking fun whether it's 3 miles or 26.2 miles.
Dora Marroquin, 59, Eugene, Oregon