Sport Psychology

Applies psychological theory and practice to sport settings

BasketballSport Psychology is a discipline that applies psychological theory and practice to sport settings. The territory of these applications can vary from specific aspects of performance enhancement to personal enrichment undertakings, to injury recovery and to many other arenas under the broad umbrella of sport. It is a field within psychology that is rich in potential value and human betterment.

Assist clients in meeting their goals

In his work as a Sport Psychologist, Dr. McConnell draws upon such applied sport psychology approaches as goal setting, mental affirmations, relaxation techniques, imagery and visualization, and focus and concentration tools to assist clients in meeting their goals. As appropriate, he also utilizes his experience and Figure Skatingexpertise as a ChiWalking and ChiRunning Instructor to assist his Sport Psychology clients as they strive for more efficient and effortless ways to move in their sport activities.

Learn personal and interpersonal skills applicable to other situations

Sport Psychology consultation and counseling is typically done individually although couple or team focused applications are also possible. Clients may benefit in terms of their specific goals in their sport and they also may learn personal and interpersonal life skills that are applicable to other situations. The potential benefits of applied Sport Psychology are many.

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