Organizations, agencies, race calendars and other items for people interested in ChiRunning, ChiWalking, and Keith McConnell 's services

Official site for activities and resources offered by the ChiRunning organization and its community

Official site for activities and resources offered by the ChiWalking organization and its community

Blog includes Keith's descriptions of his recent races and other experiences, as well as commentaries by him and other certified instructors

Eugene, Oregon’s premier store for running shoes, walking shoes and related products. Strong supporter of community runs and walks. Some of Keith McConnell’s offerings are through this store

Housed in Eugene, Oregon (Track Town, USA), OTCM is committed to lifelong participation and support of track and field, running, walking and is open to those 30 years of age or older. A division within the Oregon Track Club (OTC)

Directed by William Wyckoff, supports and puts on a variety of races for runners and walkers; schedule of events available - Road Runners Club of America

Primary organization for runners and running clubs and those interested in running. Many events and resources available

Directed by Judy Heller in Portland, Oregon. Major resource for activities and support of walking

Schedule of running events and other resources out of Salem, Oregon; supported by Gallagher Fitness Resources.

This site has an amazing amount and range of information and connectons for the running community.