Life Coaching and ChiWalking

Life Coaching is a positive and empowering approach

Life Coaching, like ChiWalking, is a positive and empowering approach to increasing self awareness, overcoming barriers and making progress in one’s life. It can serve as the impetus to personal growth and significant life change.

ChiWalking is more than a physical activity

As noted earlier, ChiWalking is more than a physical activity or a form of exercise. After the three steps of ChiWalking are implemented, namely Alignment, Core Engagement and Balance, the fourth and fifth steps - Choice and Moving Forward - are then integrated into one’s ChiWalking program, and the individual opens up a wide range of possibilities beyond the positive benefits related to health and fitness. As such, this approach to walking is an approach to life and it is very compatible with the philosophy and applied aspects of Life Coaching.

A collaborative approach

Keith has developed this collaborative approach for individuals who would like structured assistance in identifying and addressing issues, whether personal or professional, as they also take important steps toward enhanced health and fitness. Using an individualized approach for each client, Keith draws upon his Life Coaching training and experience to set the stage for the interpersonal consultation that follows while concurrently incorporating ChiWalking into the personal program that is developed. What results is a powerful, holistic and effective approach to personal growth and life enhancement.

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