ChiWalking Class

ChiWalking is an innovative approach to walking that draws from the theory and practice of T’ai Chi to transform walking into a unique, fluid and effortless form of motion. Walking in this way is low impact, energy efficient and much more likely to be pain and injury-free. It also can serve as a personal discipline to support one’s health and well being and can become the foundation for a stimulating and nurturing program of lifelong fitness.

Keith McConnell winner Nick Symmonds 800 Meter Race

Special Chi Walking Performance

Keith recently demonstrated the effectiveness of high speed Chi Walking in a one-way, 800 meter sprint, in the annual Springfield Nick Symmonds 800 meter race. He is seen here with Nick Symmonds, 800 meter Olympian, accepting the winner's award.

Keith has also had recent success in an international Senior Games Power Walking competition where he earned a silver medal in his age group.

ChiWalking Book: Five Mindful Steps for Lifelong Health and Energy

The development of ChiWalking followed a path parallel to that of ChiRunning as Danny and Katherine Dreyer identified and articulated its core principles and profound potential benefits in their 2006 book, ChiWalking : The Five Mindful Steps For Lifelong Health and Energy. Alignment of the body, engagement of the core muscles and creating balance are the initial steps involved in attaining the ChiWalking posture. In turn, this posture serves as the foundation for the movement that follows. Prior to motion, the fourth and fifth steps towards mindful walking move beyond the physical into the realm of the mental and attitudinal, namely making a choice to “own” this walking form and to move forward with it, i.e., to create healthy habits and to make walking a truly mindful practice. The beauty of the way that ChiWalking is conceptualized and applied is that it can be clearly taught and easily learned.

Wide Array of People Who Can Benefit

One of the outstanding features of ChiWalking is the wide array of people who can benefit from it in their particular life situation or interest area at any given time. In the ChiWalking text, for example, there is a ChiWalking Matrix which identifies a dozen different types of walks, 11 of which are based upon the ChiWalking model and each one offers unique benefits. Once the ChiWalking approach has been mastered, it can greatly enhance all types of walking from easy hikes to competitive marathons. Further, its range of value extends to individuals who are recovering from medical issues, such as knee or hip replacements, to older adults who have been having trouble just getting around.

ChiWalking Resources

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