Combines Ancient Wisdom of T’ai Chi with Principles of Modern Physics

Imagine a running form that combines the ancient wisdom of T’ai Chi—ease, core strength, relaxed legs and arms, alignment with nature and balance— with the principles of modern physics - responding to the downward force of gravity and the force of the road or trail as one moves forward in space. This running form is aptly named ChiRunning and it is nothing short of revolutionary in its mission and its approach to running.
ChiRunning Class - Click for Video: Basics of ChiRunning
Click for Video:  Basics of ChiRunning

More Than a New form of Running Training

ChiRunning is more than a new form of running training or a new way to get in aerobic shape or to learn to run farther or faster. It takes a whole new approach to running by focusing on how we can adjust our form to create the conditions for energy to flow more easily through our bodies. Unlike the basic mantras of traditional, or “power” running, e.g., stronger muscles are needed, running is a legs activity, training means “no pain, no gain”, injuries are an unfortunate consequence of running, and the like; ChiRunning takes the opposite approach, e.g., legs should be relaxed, propulsion comes from working with, not against gravity by using a full body lean, pain and injuries are not a necessary aspect of running, etc. Quite a contrast.

Holistic and Natural Approach to Running

In essence, ChiRunning is a new, holistic and natural approach to running that has, in less than a decade, moved to center stage in the discussion of innovations in running approaches, particularly in terms of running injuries and the possibility of being a lifelong runner. In response to those who might say that running is bad for you (as some doctors are prone to tell their patients), or that people can only run for a limited number of years, ChiRunning advocates like to say that “running is not the problem; the problem is HOW people run.”

ChiRunning Book and Resources

Danny and Katherine Dreyer’s book, ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running provides a comprehensive and very readable discussion of ChiRunning . The book, along with a DVD, and many other products and resources, can be accessed at In addition, a listing of Certified Instructors, classes and other learning opportunities in the US and internationally are available at this site.