About Keith

Keith is one of the Chi Living organization's Master Instructors, a small group of the most experienced Chi Running and Chi Walking Instructors. In addition to hs private teaching and coaching, he has been teaching running and walking courses at the University of Oregon for over a decade.

Active Runner All His Life

Keith has been an active runner all his life including recreational competition from sprints to marathons. He ran his first marathons in the early 1980’s and, after not doing marathons for over 20 years, he learned ChiRunning® and then completed the Boston and New York City marathons as well as several long distance trail events.  Running has been a source of freedom, flow and personal challenge for Keith and it has also served as an effective conditioner for his participation in other sports such as ice hockey, cycling and tennis.

Trained by Danny Dreyer

Keith was one of the first instructors trained by Danny Dreyer, creator of both ChiRunning and ChiWalking, and he continues to Keith McConnell and Danny Dreyer be an enthusiastic teacher and coach as he expands the application of these approaches to new settings and diverse populations. The integration of mind, body and spirit that comes with the holistic approach of ChiRunning fits well with the personal and professional evolution that he has gone through in his own life. His experience as a university professor, a licensed psychologist and a Life Coach make him uniquely qualified to teach and coach others in this new and powerful approach to running. Keith works with a variety of runners and running groups and sees ChiRunning as an activity that is well suited to support the value he places on lifelong fitness. (See his article on Running Form and Longevity.)

Walking Integral to Keith’s Fitness and Recreational Life

Walking is also integral to Keith's fitness and recreational life as he enjoys hiking and has been an active Racewalker and Power Walker for over 30 years. ChiWalking has now become central to Keith's professional work as he completed the inaugural ChiWalking Instructor training in 2005. He has already had great success assisting walkers and "want-to-be" walkers in learning how to walk with ease and efficiency and how to use ChiWalking ideas and forms to enhance their lives overall.

Walking Specialties and Training Groups

Keith has developed specialties in working with older adults, those with prior physical limitations, and those with job requirements or recreational interests, e.g., hikers and back packers, that would benefit from this energy efficient approach. Keith oversees the walking groups at the Eugene Running Company in Eugene where he leads marathon and half marathon training groups. Keith has ChiWalked full marathons and also has completed hilly, trail ultras that allowed him to integrate ChiRunning with ChiWalking for maximum performance and energy efficiency. This Chi Walk-Run approach has become very popular for distance walkers and runners.

Offers Life Coaching with Chi Walking/Running

In addition to his ChiRunning and ChiWalking practice, Keith offers an integrated approach of Chi Walking and/or Chi Running with Life Coaching support allowing for a focus on positive life changes and problem solving concurrent with the running and/or walking programs.